Total Theme Review

Total Theme Review: Is It the Ultimate WordPress Solution?

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Quick Summary:

Total Theme is a versatile, feature-rich theme that stands out in the WordPress ecosystem. With 40+ pre-built demos and the powerful WPBakery page builder, it offers endless design possibilities. It's fully responsive, SEO-optimized, and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. The lifetime updates and 24/7 support ensure your website stays current and hassle-free. At $59, it's an excellent value for the comprehensive features it offers.

  • Demo Varieties: Offers an extensive selection of 40+ pre-designed website demos
  • Page Builder: Includes the robust WPBakery (Visual Composer) for easy customization
  • Responsiveness: Fully responsive design ensures your site looks great on all devices
  • SEO-Friendly: Built-in SEO optimization features to enhance your website's search engine performance
  • eCommerce Integration: Seamless WooCommerce integration for effortless online store setup
  • Design Flexibility: Total Theme offers limitless design possibilities with its extensive collection of pre-designed templates and customization options.
  • Functionality: Packed with powerful plugins like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, it empowers you to create interactive and dynamic websites with ease.
  • Performance: Engineered for speed and efficiency, Total Theme ensures your website loads quickly and provides an excellent user experience.
  • Support: The dedicated support team is responsive and helpful, making problem-solving a breeze.
  • Regular Updates: The theme stays up-to-date with the latest WordPress developments, ensuring long-term compatibility and security.
  • Due to its extensive feature set, beginners might need some time to explore all its capabilities fully.
  • While the Regular License is reasonably priced at $59, additional costs may be incurred for premium plugins and extensions.

The Total Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme, often simply referred to as the Total Theme, has garnered quite a reputation in the world of website design. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore every nook and cranny of this versatile theme. From installation to performance, we’ll delve into its features, capabilities, and user-friendliness. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice looking to build a stunning website, the Total WordPress Theme might just be your ideal companion.

Total Theme Review Is It the Ultimate WordPress Solution

Theme Overview: Unveiling the Total WordPress Theme

The Total Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme, affectionately known as the Total Theme, is a multifaceted gem in the realm of website design and development. With its array of features and a reputation for versatility, it caters to a diverse audience ranging from beginners to seasoned web developers. In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes Total Theme stand out in the crowded theme marketplace.

A Comprehensive All-in-One Solution

Total Theme is aptly named because it genuinely offers a total package when it comes to website design and functionality. Whether you’re creating a personal blog, a corporate website, a portfolio, or an online store, Total Theme provides everything you need, all neatly bundled in a single theme package.

Key Features That Set It Apart

Total Theme’s claim to fame rests on a myriad of key features that can transform your website into a visually stunning and highly functional digital masterpiece:

  1. Extensive Customization Options: Total WordPress Theme puts the power of design in your hands. With its intuitive customization panel, you can effortlessly tailor every aspect of your website, from colors and fonts to layouts and header styles. This level of flexibility ensures that your website aligns perfectly with your brand or vision.
  2. Impeccable Design Aesthetics: One of Total Theme’s strongest suits is its visually pleasing templates and modern design elements. It offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and layouts, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your project. The themes are thoughtfully crafted to keep your website looking fresh and stylish.
  3. Seamless Integration: Total Theme plays well with others. It seamlessly integrates with an extensive range of third-party plugins and services, giving you endless possibilities to enhance your website’s functionality. Whether you need advanced SEO tools, social media integration, or e-commerce capabilities, Total WordPress Theme has you covered.
  4. E-commerce Excellence with WooCommerce: For those venturing into the world of online retail, Total WordPress Theme offers stellar support for WooCommerce. You can effortlessly create a powerful and user-friendly online store with Total Theme as your foundation.

A Theme for All Skill Levels

Total Theme isn’t just for seasoned developers. It’s designed with usability in mind, ensuring that even beginners can harness its full potential. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of crafting a professional-looking website, making it an ideal choice for those just starting their web design journey.

Total Theme’s versatility and feature-rich nature make it a top contender in the world of WordPress themes. Whether you’re an experienced web designer looking to streamline your workflow or a novice with a vision for a stunning website, Total Theme has the tools and capabilities to bring your ideas to life. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into various aspects of Total WordPress Theme, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and advantages.

Installation and Setup: Total Theme Made Easy

Now that we’ve introduced you to the exciting world of Total Theme, it’s time to dive into the practical aspects of getting started with this versatile WordPress theme. In this section, we’ll guide you through the installation process, customization options, and how to import demo content for a quick and efficient setup.

Step-by-Step Installation

Total WordPress Theme understands that not everyone is a tech guru, so it offers a straightforward installation process. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a complete beginner, setting up Total Theme is a breeze. Certainly, here is a systematic walkthrough to assist you in commencing your journey:

  1. Purchase and Download: Begin by purchasing the Total Theme from the official Themeforest website. After your purchase, download the theme files.
  2. Install the Theme: Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Appearance” section. Click on “Themes” and then “Add New.” Here, you can upload the Total Theme files you downloaded earlier. Once uploaded, activate the theme.
  3. Activate Your License: Total Theme typically comes with a license key for updates and support. Activate your license by entering the key in the theme settings.
  4. Explore Theme Options: The Total Theme dashboard is where the magic happens. Explore the theme options panel to start customizing your website. You’ll find a plethora of settings that allow you to tweak the design, layout, and functionality of your site to match your vision.

Customization Options

Total Theme’s real strength lies in its extensive customization options. The theme options panel provides you with an impressive level of control over your website’s appearance and functionality. Now, let’s explore some of the customization choices that await you:

  1. Design Customization: Total WordPress Theme allows you to change colors, fonts, and typography to match your branding or personal style. You can select from various pre-designed templates and layouts or create your own from scratch.
  2. Layout Flexibility: Control the layout of your website with ease. Choose from multiple header styles, page templates, and sidebar options. Total Theme’s drag-and-drop page builder simplifies the process of arranging content on your pages.
  3. Header and Footer Styles: Customize your website’s header and footer to create a unique look. Whether you prefer a traditional header or a sleek modern one, Total WordPress Theme accommodates your preferences.
  4. Integration with Plugins: Total Theme seamlessly integrates with numerous popular plugins, allowing you to enhance your site’s functionality effortlessly. Whether you need to implement SEO tools, social media sharing, or contact forms, you can do so with ease.

Importing Demo Content

Importing Demo Content

For those who want to expedite the setup process, Total WordPress Theme offers the option to import demo content. This feature is especially useful if you’re new to website design and want to see how a fully configured website looks before customizing it further.

  1. Access Demo Importer: Within the Total Theme dashboard, you’ll find the demo importer tool. Simply select the demo that aligns with your website’s intended purpose.
  2. Import Demo Content: With a single click, Total Theme will import the demo content, including pages, posts, images, and layouts, onto your website. You can then replace this content with your own or modify it as needed.
  3. Customize Further: After importing the demo content, you can begin customizing your website to make it uniquely yours. You have the freedom to change colors, fonts, and layouts, ensuring your website stands out from the rest.

Total Theme’s installation and setup process is designed to save you time and make the initial stages of building your website as smooth as possible. With a user-friendly interface and robust customization options, it’s an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced developers looking to create a stunning online presence. In the next sections, we’ll explore more aspects of Total WordPress Theme, from design aesthetics to performance optimization.

Design and User Interface: Total Theme’s Visual Excellence

Total Theme doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk when it comes to design aesthetics and user interface. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into the elements that make Total Theme a visual powerhouse and a user’s delight.

Visual Aesthetics and Modern Design Elements

Total Theme takes your website’s appearance seriously. Its visually appealing templates and modern design elements set the stage for a captivating online presence. Here’s what you can expect in terms of design aesthetics:

  1. Stunning Templates: Total WordPress Theme offers a diverse range of professionally designed templates, ensuring that you can find one that perfectly suits your niche or style. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist look, a bold and vibrant design, or something in between, Total Theme has you covered.
  2. Responsive Design: In an era where users access websites on various devices, responsiveness is key. Total Theme ensures that your site looks fantastic and functions flawlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This adaptability guarantees that your audience has a great experience, no matter how they access your website.
  3. Visual Customization: Total Theme’s user-friendly customization options allow you to tweak the visual elements of your site effortlessly. Adjust colors, fonts, typography, and layout to match your brand identity or personal style. With Total WordPress Theme, you have the creative freedom to make your website truly yours.

User-Friendly Interface and Navigation

Aesthetics are important, but they should not come at the expense of user-friendliness. Total Theme strikes a balance by offering an intuitive user interface that ensures seamless navigation:

  1. Intuitive Dashboard: Total Theme’s dashboard is designed with user experience in mind. It’s easy to navigate, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced developers.
  2. Drag-and-Drop Builder: Total Theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder that simplifies the process of arranging content on your pages. You can create complex layouts without any coding skills, which is a massive time-saver.
  3. Flexible Menus: Customizing your site’s navigation menus is a breeze with Total WordPress Theme. You can create custom menus and choose from various menu styles to optimize navigation for your visitors.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness: With a growing number of users accessing websites on mobile devices, Total WordPress Theme ensures that your site looks and functions just as seamlessly on smaller screens. This mobile responsiveness is crucial for retaining and engaging your audience.

Performance and Speed: A Swift and Efficient Experience

Your website’s performance and loading speed play a pivotal role in user satisfaction and search engine rankings. Total Theme recognizes this importance and provides tools to optimize performance:

  1. Website Loading Times: Total Theme is optimized for speed. It employs various techniques such as code minification, image compression, and browser caching to reduce loading times. A fast-loading website not only keeps users engaged but also positively impacts your SEO efforts.
  2. SEO-Friendly: Speaking of SEO, Total WordPress Theme ensures that your website is search engine-friendly. Its clean code and adherence to SEO best practices contribute to improved search engine rankings.
  3. Caching and Minification: Total WordPress Theme includes options for caching and code minification, which further enhance performance. These features reduce server load and improve page load times, particularly for returning visitors.
  4. Hosting Compatibility: Total Theme is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of hosting providers, reducing the likelihood of compatibility issues. Whether you’re on shared hosting or a dedicated server, Total Theme is flexible enough to adapt.

Theme Functionality: Beyond the Basics

Total WordPress Theme goes above and beyond when it comes to functionality. It’s not just a pretty face; it’s packed with features that make your website truly functional and engaging.

  • Extensive Theme Options Panel: Total Theme’s theme options panel is the heart of its functionality. It provides an impressive level of control over your site’s design and functionality. From tweaking header styles to choosing layout options, you have the power to fine-tune every aspect of your website.
  • Integration with Popular Plugins: Total Theme seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular WordPress plugins, expanding your site’s capabilities. Whether you need advanced SEO tools, social media sharing, contact forms, or even membership functionality, Total Theme can accommodate your needs.
  • E-commerce Capabilities with WooCommerce: For those looking to venture into e-commerce, Total WordPress Theme offers robust support for WooCommerce. This integration allows you to create a fully functional online store with ease. You have the capability to effortlessly handle products, handle payments, and monitor your inventory.
  • Built-In Custom Post Types and Widgets: Total WordPress Theme includes various custom post types and widgets, making it easy to showcase your content in engaging ways. Whether you want to display portfolios, testimonials, or team members, Total Theme has dedicated post types and widgets for these purposes.

In summary, Total WordPress Theme excels in design aesthetics, user interface, performance optimization, and functionality. It combines stunning visuals with user-friendliness, ensuring that your website not only looks great but also delivers an exceptional user experience. Its commitment to speed and performance optimization, along with its extensive customization options and plugin compatibility, make it a powerful tool for creating diverse websites that cater to various needs.

Support and Documentation

No theme is perfect, and you may encounter questions or challenges during your website-building journey. Total Theme’s support resources are readily available to assist you. Their documentation and tutorials provide step-by-step guidance for troubleshooting and customization.

The user community and forums offer a space to connect with fellow Total Theme users, share experiences, and seek solutions to common issues.

Comparisons with Competing Themes: Why Total Theme Stands Out

Total Theme is undoubtedly a robust and feature-rich WordPress theme, but how does it stack up against the competition? In this section, we’ll explore how Total WordPress Theme compares to other popular multipurpose themes, highlighting its strengths and unique advantages.

Versatility and Comprehensive Features

One of Total Theme’s standout qualities is its versatility. It’s designed to cater to various websites, from blogs and business sites to e-commerce platforms. This versatility puts it in direct competition with other multipurpose themes like Divi, Avada, and Enfold.

While these themes offer their own set of features and customization options, Total Theme distinguishes itself with its:

  1. Extensive Customization: Total WordPress Theme provides an unparalleled level of control over your site’s design and functionality. Its user-friendly customization options and drag-and-drop builder simplify the process of creating unique layouts and styles.
  2. Visually Stunning Templates: Total Theme offers a variety of visually appealing templates that can rival any other theme in terms of aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or a modern, trendy look, Total Theme delivers.
  3. Performance Optimization: Total WordPress Theme prioritizes website speed and performance, which is critical for user satisfaction and SEO rankings. Its built-in optimization features and compatibility with various hosting providers ensure fast loading times.

Integration and Plugin Compatibility

Integration and Plugin Compatibility

Total Theme’s seamless integration with third-party plugins and services sets it apart from its competitors. While other themes may offer integration options, Total WordPress Theme shines in terms of flexibility and compatibility:

  1. Wide Plugin Support: Total WordPress Theme seamlessly integrates with a broad range of popular plugins, giving you the freedom to extend your website’s functionality as needed. Whether it’s SEO, social media, or e-commerce, Total Theme has you covered.
  2. WooCommerce Integration: If you’re considering building an online store, Total Theme’s integration with WooCommerce is second to none. It provides a solid foundation for creating and managing e-commerce websites.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

When comparing themes, ease of use and accessibility are crucial factors, especially for beginners. While themes like Astra and OceanWP are known for their simplicity, Total Theme manages to strike a balance between user-friendliness and robust features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Total Theme’s dashboard is intuitive, making it accessible to users of varying skill levels. Its drag-and-drop page builder simplifies the process of creating complex layouts without any coding knowledge.
  2. Demo Content Import: Total Theme’s ability to import demo content is a significant advantage, allowing users to kickstart their websites with pre-designed templates. This feature streamlines the setup process, making it ideal for those new to web development.

Pricing and Value for Money

When evaluating themes, pricing, and value for money are essential considerations. Total WordPress Theme offers competitive pricing tiers and licensing options that make it a compelling choice:

  1. Pricing Tiers: Total Theme’s pricing is competitive when compared to other multipurpose themes. It provides a range of options, allowing users to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget.
  2. Regular Updates and Support: Total Theme’s commitment to updates and support ensures that your investment remains valuable over time. Updates often include new features, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements.

Performance and SEO Benefits

While themes like GeneratePress and Neve excel in terms of speed and performance, Total WordPress Theme doesn’t lag behind. Its performance optimization features and SEO-friendly code put it in a strong position:

  1. Performance Optimization: Total Theme’s built-in optimization options, such as caching and code minification, contribute to swift website loading times. This guarantees a favorable user experience and improved rankings on search engines.
  2. SEO-Friendly: Total Theme adheres to SEO best practices, which is vital for achieving high rankings in search engine results. Its clean code and compatibility with SEO plugins make it a solid choice for those focusing on organic traffic.

While Total Theme competes in a crowded field of multipurpose WordPress themes, it distinguishes itself with its comprehensive features, integration capabilities, ease of use, competitive pricing, and a strong focus on performance and SEO. It’s not just another theme; it’s a versatile and powerful tool for building websites that excel in both form and function. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, Total Theme’s strengths make it a worthy contender in the world of WordPress themes.

In Conclusion: Unveiling the Total Theme’s Strengths

After this in-depth exploration, it’s clear that the Total Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme lives up to its reputation. Its strengths lie in its extensive customization options, visually appealing design, and seamless performance optimization. Whether you’re building a blog, business website, or e-commerce platform, Total WordPress Theme provides the tools you need for success.



In this review, we’ve explored the Total Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme from installation to performance, highlighting its strengths and advantages. Total Theme’s user-friendliness, design aesthetics, performance optimization, and extensive customization options make it a top choice for website builders. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, Total Theme has the tools to bring your vision to life. So why wait? Dive into the world of Total Theme and unlock the potential for your website’s success.

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